Are your current website developers too big to care? – Or too remote to be bothered?

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Have you experienced the frustration of spending your time, chasing your website developers for information, trying to find out when your project will be finished or if the updated information you sent has even been received by the right person? You are not alone in this, but why put up with it?

We have several customers who approached us recently for help to either finish a project or even start again stating these very reasons, they had either been lost in a huge corporation and feeling that their problems are too minor to deal with or would cost them a fortune to have them escalated to a more senior technician to work on, or the person working on their project was really in a completely different continent and extremely hard to pin down.

Over the coming weeks, we will be going through in detail a number of the frustrations that people feel with website developers or website development companies and how we can help you avoid them. To whet your appetite please visit our News and Insights

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