The Joys? Of Working from Home – Part 5 Keep your connections

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Like a lot of UK-based companies, Creatively Yours has had to change and adapt the way that we work over the past year. So, whether your office is in San Francisco, Sydney, or Saffron Walden you have had to become used to video calls and working from home which, in itself, has presented its own challenges.

At the beginning of the pandemic everyone was worried about being stuck at home with their families for long periods (thinking of those family Christmas’s) Oh, and the shortage of toilet rolls! However, as time went on some of our opinions and outlooks changed as companies were forced to adapt to remote working as this became the only way of working.

Remote working requires a mix of discipline and self-care. It may be easy to get carried away with your work without others reminding you to go on breaks, share a coffee and forget about life outside of work. What is often forgotten is that those offices are great places for socialising and making connections with each other but, even with restrictions lifted, it is predicted that 70% of workers will be working remotely.

So here are our top 5 tips for your new remote working life:

A Comfortable Workspace

Keep on Moving

Breakaway from your Screens

Cook your way to Success

Keep your connections!

5 Keep your connections!

While in the depth of the Lock Down crisis, we were struggling with the fear of becoming sick, having to deal with the practicalities and worrying about the long-term consequences – under these conditions work offered a sense of normality.

With remote working becoming the new normal, it can be an opportunity for organisations to revisit and establish a good communication system tailored to how your team works together. With this in mind, we have some ideas on what can be done to bring people together.

Digital Water Cooler

Companies should set up coffee social half hours digitally using, for example Skype, or even Snapchat or Slack, which can help with follow up messaging and knowledge sharing.

Establishing Routines

Putting in place a system to share your updates in reasonable quantities on digital platforms, so people do not become drowned in too much information.

Good Colleague Behaviour

Agree on what it means to be a good digital colleague, being clear on mutual respect terms and being allowed to speak up if colleagues are missing or not being included in the discussion.


Remember to celebrate group achievements and company news by sharing messages.

Encourage Inclusion

It is easy to forget to include team members in discussions and follow-ups. Encourage de-briefings and discussions outside of the main digital meetings.

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