Local Support and Business Advice – You really need this but are you receiving it?

Are your current developers too big to care – Or too remote to be bothered? Part 3.

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Have you experienced the frustration of spending your time, chasing for information, trying to find out when your project will be finished or if the updated information you sent has even been received by the right person? You are not alone in this, but why put up with it?

We have several customers who approached us recently for help to either finish a project or even start again stating these very reasons, they had either been lost in a huge corporation and feeling that their problems are too minor to deal with or would cost them a fortune to have them escalated to a more senior technician to work on, or the person working on their project was really in a completely different continent and extremely hard to pin down.

In this post we look at the benefits of having a website designer who can offer you Support and Business advice which is crucial when developing your online sales.

In our current series of blogs based on the issues that we see people suffering from within the industry, this time we look at the crucial support and business advice that local web developers can offer you.

So, in this example you have chosen a large online based company to build your website. You know the ones that, dare we say it, advertise massively which in itself is a warning that they are not all about customer retention, but more in sales terms, churning. This simply means that they plan on losing customers but work to simply replace them with more. As a model, it works up until you hit saturation point or something else comes along that is cheaper or perceived to be better. As an example, you only need to look at recent history with brands like Nokia, Yahoo or even Myspace. Once massively dominant and not that bothered about customer retention, as there was always someone else coming along – until there was not.

With excitement you start to use their simple, online website builder, but very quickly realise that it is not as easy as they make it seem, but nonetheless you have made your choice and you toil and persevere. The more you put together your website the more doubts start to creep in, does this work for my market, have I made the right decision on the imagery, colours, font….? and this is the moment that you realise that your large website company really does not have any experience in your area and just keeps pointing you to very generic FAQ’s and Help files.

What you need now and, in fact, needed right from the start, is someone who has experience in selling products and services like yours online, as well as through bricks and mortar stores. This person can act as a sounding board for your ideas and use their knowledge from a breadth of other industries as well, to suggest some new ideas and ways of doing things that you may not have even thought of or realised were possible with websites.

This is where a local, more focused website and digital marketing company really comes into their own by bringing not only local support but also sound business advice which they have gained, more often than not, the hard way by being a SME and going through the development and growth of a business just like you.

Next time we look at the difference between design with European flair compared to another continent’s idea of good design.

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